Introducing Metal Dogs – A New Venture by Shug Laser Cutting

Exciting News: Introducing Metal Dogs – A New Venture by Shug Laser Cutting

We are thrilled to announce that Shug, the owner and founder of Shug Laser Cutting, has embarked on an exciting new journey. Recognizing the growing demand and passion for metal dog artwork, Shug has decided to separate his metal art business and establish a dedicated platform called Metal Dogs.

Introducing Metal Dogs

Metal Dogs is Shug’s new venture focused exclusively on creating custom metal artwork and silhouettes of dogs. This specialized platform allows us to better serve dog lovers by offering a wide range of beautifully crafted metal dog art pieces. From detailed dog silhouettes to personalized metal signs, Metal Dogs is the go-to destination for all your metal dog art needs.

What This Means for Shug Laser Cutting

As part of this transition, we will no longer advertise metal art pieces on the Shug Laser Cutting website. Instead, our focus at Shug Laser Cutting will be solely on providing high-quality laser cutting services. For all your laser cutting requirements, please visit our online store at Shug Laser Cutting Online Store.

Explore Metal Dogs

For those passionate about dogs and looking for unique metal art pieces, we invite you to explore the offerings at Metal Dogs:

  • Our Love for Dogs: Discover the inspiration behind Metal Dogs and our dedication to creating exceptional metal dog art.
  • Street Signs Collection: Add a personalized touch to your home with our custom metal street signs featuring your favorite dog breeds.
  • Metal Art Signs Collection: Browse our range of intricate metal art signs that beautifully capture the essence of various dog breeds.
  • Custom Photo to Stencil: Transform your pet’s photo into a unique, custom-designed metal artwork with our bespoke service.


We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional products and services through both Shug Laser Cutting and Metal Dogs. By specializing our offerings, we aim to deliver an even higher level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your continued support. For all your metal dog art needs, visit Metal Dogs, and for all your laser cutting needs, continue to trust Shug Laser Cutting.