Please click on FAQ’s below for the answers. If you are unsure or have any questions regarding laser cutting please contact me here

No, I require payment upfront prior to starting any laser cutting.

Not at this time, I recommend contacting a specialty engraving service.

I do not offer additional services such, painting, powder coating, and bending at this time; I may be able to provide you with businesses names and numbers I have used in the past. I can quote you for small mig welding jobs, if I am able to do them at the time. If I cannot help, I highly recommend using a local provider once you receive your parts

You will need to have some knowledge in the use of CAD or Design Software (AutoCad, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.). You can take look at my Design Guidelines page for more information on setting up your files for laser cutting. Otherwise, please contact me.

Sometimes. Due to my manufacturing process, some cosmetic defects and scratches may be present on your part, especially on the bottom side that contacts the laser bed. I am more than happy to replace your parts FREE of charge if the issue was caused at my end. Please contact me if you have any questions or issues with your parts

I can cut up to 10mm Mild Steel.

I only accept vector files for cutting. My preferred files are DXF files and I will accept DWG, Ai (Adobe Illustrator), and EPS. If you design your parts in Adobe Illustrator, please send me the original – native – ai. file.

Rarely I will work on weekends or public holidays, unless prior arrangements have been made. My office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

My laser can cut sheets up to 1200mm wide X 2400mm in length. Please keep your parts under this size.

Yes, my minimum charge is $88.00 inclusive to new customers. 

You can come and visit by appointment only, please contact me prior to arrange a day and time to meet. I am more than happy to show you my laser cutter in action.