Rare Photo to Stencil Pet Metal Art

Looking For The Perfect Gift?

We’ve all been there. A wedding, graduation, or birthday of a friend or loved one is fast approaching, and you haven’t got a clue what to give. The gift vouchers are getting old, and, besides, you really feel like you want to give something with more meaning. As you get older you realise that you have less time to get to know the people who are close to you. Making the effort to select a gift that will be appreciated is much more important. This means that you’ll have to look at this whole gift-giving idea as a fun and creative process. So, let’s dive into one category that all people enjoy.

Pet Pictures
Just about everyone out there has a photo of a pet that means a lot to them. It may be your dog, cat, or even a fish. Now, have you ever wanted a piece of art that was totally different and custom made? Could you imagine if you could turn this photo into a unique piece of art? And, thus, making it into a great gift for yourself — or friend? Well, Shug Fabrication can create just about any image into a gorgeous piece of metal art. Not only will this be extremely valuable, but you will also own it outright. No one else in the entire world will have such an amazing piece. It will be like having your own Picasso or Van Gogh in your bedroom, dining room, or office space. Pretty cool, right?

You know how hard it is to find a quality gift for a special occasion. But, with Shug’s photo to stencil art, you will give your friends an exclusive and genuine piece of art. Every single one that’s made at Shug Laser comes with a certificate of authenticity that has a photo of the artwork attached to it and signed by Shug himself. Your new piece of metal art will instantly make a great impression on anyone that walks into a room and sees it.

Limited-Time Special Offer
Buy one piece of stencil art and get a piece of metal art ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! 

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